Rose geranium Candle




RM 59.00


Our candles are individually hand-poured made from premium, biodegradable soy wax. We are only using all natural ingredients essential oils in making our candles.

Premium organic soy wax candle which is bio-degradable
100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils
Lead-free & zinc-free cotton core wicks
Paraffin-free and non-toxic

Rose Geranium Candle

Our floral queen will take you to a walk in a Rose Garden. It comes with an uplifting, pleasant floral aroma which calms and relax you. Adding a touch of Geranium creates an uplifting blend of sharp and zesty notes to energise the senses and rebalance the spirit. Light this candle to calm your mind after a hectic day & restore emotional balance. Recommended to pair it with some relaxing slow music at night. 

Scent: Sweet floral notes of fresh roses blending with gentle floral notes from geranium flowers. Together, it has a relaxing aroma that has a grounding effect. 

• Made with 100% natural essential oils 

• 130g 

• 30+ hours burn time